1. The production of ____ was one of the first industries to be affected by the Industrial Revolution. (1 point)
cotton cloth
2. Which of the following was NOT a reason the Industrial Revolution started in Great Britain?
(1 point)
Great Britain's colonies provided a large market for manufactured goods.
Britain had many natural resources, such as coal and iron, that could be used for manufacturing.
Great Britain's population grew, providing factories with a supply of labor.
Because Britain did not produce lots of food, it needed to trade manufactured goods for food.
3. By 1830, two-thirds of the British cotton industry's workforce were (1 point)
rural farm families who had moved to the city from Canada.
immigrants from France and Belgium.
women and children.
slaves from Africa and South America.
4. Who developed a stream engine that could drive machinery? (1 point)
James Hargreaves
Edmund Wilson
James Watt
Henry Cort
5. The ____ was crucial to Britain's Industrial Revolution. (1 point)
flying shuttle
water-powered loom
steam engine